So I just DNF'd (did not finish) a book and deleted it from my kindle. I hate that, especially when it's by an author I used to enjoy.


The house is slowly approaching a comfortable state. There was a time there when I thought of standing in the door to a gym and snagging all those active and energetic folks to come over and get their exercise by helping with all the stuff that needed doing. Gyms -- banks of wasted energy resources ;)


My writing schedule has really suffered from the things life has thrown at me the last few months. I'm hoping to attack the missed deadlines -- but have to remember not to get strung out with writer guilt. Despite my delusions to the contrary I'm not superwoman and can't do everything.


I'm going to self-publish "Curses and Confetti", my third Bustlepunk Chronicle soon. Final editing is under way.


Esme Smith and Jed Reeve are getting married. The unlikely pairing of an Australian suffragette and an American inventor is set to be the wedding of the year—until the Gypsy Oracle arrives in town, a man is killed, Jed is hopelessly compromised and Esme has to save her man and survive…Grandma!


Curses and Confetti

The first Bustlepunk Chronicle is "Wanted: One Scoundrel" and the second is "Courting Trouble" . They're set in Western Australia in the middle of the 1895 goldrush and I've given them a light but fun steampunk flavour. They're connected stories but happily read as standalones. By the way, Bombaytown in Western Australia isn't real -- but should have been!