Driving In Neutral - Sandra Antonelli

Years ago (and the fact that I can write years ago and mean years shows how much I appreciate Sandra's older heroines -- and heroes), I used to watch classic movies on Sunday afternoon. Cary Grant being smooth, Katherine Hepburn being cool, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers making me dream. Good memories. "Driving in Neutral" reminded me of those old movies -- not because it's set in the old days, but because it has an underlying level of sophistication that is never in your face. The sense of farce balances the serious issues of risking your heart, of changing your life.


Sandra Antonelli is just as funny in real life. I chat with her on Twitter and I've met her at a Romance Writers of Australia conference as a fellow Escape Publishing author.


"Driving in Neutral" is a great romance because it's not about people being extraordinary. It's about them trying to get on with their lives, being humorous about their struggles and being there for their friends. And at the very end of the book -- no spoilers! -- there's a character I absolutely fell in love with.


A wonderful, warm Sunday afternoon entertainment.