The Barbershop Girl - Georgina Penney

So "Irrepressible You" is set in Fremantle, which means it automatically gets five stars! I grew up near there, went to South Freo (abbreviation for Fremantle) High School, and generally love the place.


But that means I can be hyper-critical. *cue ominous music*


Fortunately, Georgina absolutely captures Freo's unique vibe. It's a port city with a history of being working class, zany and filled with migrants. I say fortunately because I've chatted with Georgina on Facebook and would hate to have to downgrade a Freo book for failing the city :)


Plus, Amy and Ben are an awesome couple.


This isn't a category romance. This is more chick flick, but with darker edges. Ben is definitely edgy and at first I doubted I could deal with him as a romance hero, but he has style and his character is coherent and complicated. I ended up finding him memorable.


Amy is a doll. Great emotional depth and journey.


That's it! I'm keeping this review short, although I could rave about how well developed all aspects of the story are. Enjoy!