Engaging The Enemy - Susanne Bellamy

There's an Irish hero in this Aussie romance and he's gorgeous. I'm keeping Matt ;)

Susanne Bellamy has a lovely readable style as the story zooms through a lot of emotional drama, both between Matt and Andrea, and between each of them and their families. A forced/fake engagement is one of my favourite romance tropes -- although I'm generally not a big fan of books where the main characters fib. A lot of misunderstandings and deceptions (for the best of reasons) have to be sorted out in a tangled plot that Susanne handles deftly.

The setting -- Melbourne -- shines. So if you're looking for an Australian romance with a city (and not rural) setting, this is the one!

*Disclosure: Susanne is a fellow Escape Publishing author, but I decided a while back that if I only reviewed books by people I didn't know (as in spend way too much time social media chatting with), I'd miss out on sharing a heap of great books.