Safe Harbour - Helene Young

First up I hope to read "Safe Harbour" by Helene Young as part of my September Spring Romance Challenge commitment to read some romance (which I do anyway, but hey! winning on some challenge commitments would be a real boost right now). I love Helene's books. She's a pilot and that real life experience shines through her romantic suspense. She's also a lovely person who helped me feel comfy and as if I belonged at my first romance writers' conference last year.


Second I will survive yet more tradepersons tramping through the house today. Please let this end soon. I'd love to go back to eating healthy, but at the moment when I get stressed or tired I reach for sugar. Bad! First the rush, then the crash.


Third (and I'm so not going on a diet yet) I'm meeting other romance readers for lunch tomorrow -- there are pancakes on the menu :)


Fourth my secret writing projects are slowly coming closer to shareability stage. Is shareability a word? It is now! It's been so frustrating not being able to share what's happening. If I could kick my butt into gear, I'd have a third project ready for announcing next month. *kick, kick. splutter. collapse*


Hayfever season is in full swing here. My air filter is humming. I'm debating sitting next to it and hugging it - just for being reliable and life saving :) -- but I don't want to interrupt its good work.


Finally, my local library got in "Indonesia, etc" that I requested and having only dipped into it quickly, I can thoroughly recommend it. Indonesia is such a close neighbour to Australia that I'm embarrassed by my ignorance of it. Remedying that. Thank heaven for libraries!


And on that note, I hope you have fantabulous weekends -- and that my local footy team wins, go Dockers! -- and I'll see you all next week.