Indonesia, Etc.: Exploring the Improbable Nation - Elizabeth Pisani

I had a Sanity Sunday yesterday. No email, Facebook or Twitter. In fact I wouldn't have turned on a computer at all yesterday if I didn't need to set up a printer -- let's not repeat what I think of Windows 8.


All of that meant I had a gorgeous time reading. And slothing. And watching some football on television.


I've started "The Small Big" which is all about ethically persuading people to change their behaviour. I have a dual interest in this. On the one hand I like to think I'm learning about how advertisers are devilishly manipulating me. Resistance forever! On the other hand, *sigh* I've become one of those devilish people as I try to work out how to get people to discover and read my books. *sigh* I'm such a sell out.


Discoverability really is a big issue for small authors (like me). I obsess about this a lot.


My local library (totally changing the topic because I don't want to bore you) is amazing. I received an email from them this morning, sent at 4:34 am. I like to think this wasn't automated, but instead a happy reader-loving gremlin hard at work dancing along shelves. "Indonesia, Etc" has just arrived in on inter-library loan. Awesome!


Less awesome was that I was awake at 5:30 am courtesy of my dog. At least one of us was enthusiastic about the early start :)