Atishoo! Anyways, I won't bore you with the ongoing house chaos -- yes, of course we can replace that door. Yes, of course it can be a stained door. Yes, pay us! But the door is raw and at this point there's no energy to argue. At least it's in and the draught is blocked. Plus, the painter is returning -- no, not today as promised, but tomorrow (when I have a google hangout booked to do some organisational stuff for Romance Writers of Australia. Aargh), so hopefully the door will soon cease to be raw without me covering the whole house in varnish! But I said I wouldn't bore you with the chaos, so ... new topic!


I have managed to fit in some reading. I've been too tired to write, so other people's stories amused me instead. Expect to see a few reviews soon -- mostly light romances suited to my mood. A serious novel would have crumpled me into a sobbing mess.


Isn't hayfever horrendous? I have an air filter which is my favourite, favourite thing.


Unfortunately the air filter doesn't help outside where the weed patch masquerading as lawn is filled with bindi which have to be dug out by hand since they've already started setting their prickles. Ouchies. 


On the upside, Jayne Castle's latest novel appeared magically on my kindle the other day and I read it instantly (or later that night). The Hot Zone will get it's own review since it sparked quite a few thoughts -- mostly on great ideas and how great ideas raise readers' expectations, and such expectations can be difficult to meet.


This is a really random post.


I need to stop rambling and start writing. I have errands to run later. Well, when I say run ... did I tell you I hurt my knee yesterday? I looked silly limping around the block. The dog needed his walk. Fortunately he's old and doesn't walk far, but he knows his rights (a walk, a sniff, a chance to meet people), so limp and swear it was.


Yup, this is a post of woe. Someone pass the coffee and tell me to shut up! :) 


Ooh, almost forgot! Pinterest is fun. Look what I found there -- for those of you loving ebooks but missing the scent of books.