Moonstone is the 2014 Little Gems anthology published by the Romance Writers of Australia, of which I'm a member. Much earlier in the year I promised to review it for the Australian Women Writers Challenge - even if not all the stories are by women. I'm truly disappointed then that life is so busy this review has to be short. So here are my jotted notes. This is a great anthology of romantic stories from authors developing really distinctive voices.


The Minstrel’s Trial by Allen Brown

Romantic historical with a dashing hero and villains nicely thwarted


Jake’s Best Friend by Rowena Candlish

I can't say anything without being spoilerish. Enjoy!


Minnie’s Year of Living by Rowena Candlish

Cheeky, but keeping it real. A delight to read


My Moonstone Love by Heidi Catherine

Sweet, romantic, a touch of magic


Luna and th Moonstone by N F David

Eerie. Nicely plotted.


The Moonstone Legacy by Fiona Greene

This science fiction romance rocked. Great world building, especially in a short story.


The Farewell Letter by Jennifer Hoff

Heartstrings tugged in this historical romance


The Heart Surgeon by Fiona Kekic

Very nicely played. Fun premise, well executed


Moonlight on Water by Linda Knightley

Fear of spoilers doesn't let me say what I'd like. Read, be surprised - and entertained by the style


Moonstone Hill by D D Line

A contemporary romance, real and emotional, with nicely developed characters - and nice. I do like sympathetic heroine and heroes. A lot of story for the word count


Catch of the Day by Patricia Poppenbeek

Loved the title and the cute story with its genuine emotion worked well.


The Real Thing by Anne Prince

A celebration of love's magic - and the magic of the moonstone


Moonstruck by Michelle Skidmore

Rock star romances are hot right now. So is the hero, so how can Emma resist him?


The Girl Who Refused to Marry by P J Vye

Great story about complicated emotions and how life changes.


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