Moving house has been an absolute nightmare -- let's not discuss it. I'm also trying desperately to catch up with my writing schedule -- let's not discuss that either. And in the middle of my aaaarrghhh! my best friend from high school (and yes, that was years ago) emails and says, "coffee & cake?" Can you see why she's a friend to treasure?


Books are wonderful and have saved my sanity on numerous occasions, but they lack the real friend's gift of cake.


Imagine if books came with cake?




Okay. That's my Thursday morning dream.


I also need to sort out some promo for my 1 October release. Me procrastinating with graphics probably isn't going to propel "Kiss It Better" up the charts -- or help me with the word count issue thing.


Ack! Words!!! I want the first draft of "Chasing Xanadu" done by the end of the month as I have a secret project I've committed to and I've promised it by mid-September.


Thank goodness Monday is cake & coffee day :)



Canva graphic for Kiss It Better