Um ... none. But I have a great excuse! On Saturday I caught up with other writers and talked books! and on Sunday I caught up with other romance readers and talked books!! Total indulgence, especially when you add in the fabulous food and laughter. Lots of fun.


I recommended Jayne Ann Krentz as an author to read for someone new to the romance genre. Who would you recommend?




I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I've started FLOWER FORTUNES on my blog, sharing some fun predictions for the week ahead. Like romance novels, they all end happily :)  


I've also committed myself to publishing a book every three months. Can I do it?


Well, "Kiss It Better" is out in October. So I have to have something ready for January -- self-publishing here I come. Eek!


I have the perfect story to start with, working title, "The Beast and the Butler" set in Fremantle (which is where I grew up and which has these fabulous old buildings and varied history to draw on).


I set a short story in Fremantle a while back, "Drawing Closer", which was so relaxing to write because the setting descriptions just wrote themselves. I love the town and its people.


Drawing Closer cover


A story about taking love off the page and into real-life…

Zoe Loyola is keeping a secret between her and her sketchbook. She loves sculptor Nick Gordon. Her drawings of him are hot…and naked!

Nick has a secret, too. He’s being blackmailed. Protecting his family means ignoring his desire for Zoe.

But in the world of art, passion breaks every rule and secrets are made for sharing.