Dark and raining. 


I have a few books I'm waiting to read, like Lisa Ireland's Breaking the Drought, an Aussie romance, but first have a ton of stuff to get done.


Fortunately I did make the deadline for the major edits on "Kiss It Better", the contemporary romance out with Escape Publishing later this year. 


But "Chasing Xanadu" ought to be finished by now, at least in first draft, and so isn't. Unfortunately banging my head against the keyboard doesn't actually make words appear or create new hours in the day. So if you were thinking of trying that strategy - don't :)


And now I've discovered my coffee mug is empty. How did that happen?


Yeah, it's taking me a while to get to grips with Monday this week. How about someone gift me with a second Sunday instead? I promise, this time I'll take a nap :)