I'm not such a big fan of romances that end with a happy-for-now. I like the old-fashioned fairytale promise of happy FOREVER after.


As a writer, one of the issues is to create characters and interactions through the book that show underlying patterns that we unconsciously know foster enduring relationships. 


So I found this article interesting. A study on the markers that reveal the likely future of a relationship.



If you can forgive me a proud author moment, my new release Hero Duty is a feature book on the front page of There's an eBook in the Room this month. I loved this book and worked hard on the characters and relationships in it, and I'm hoping it connects with readers.


For full disclosure: I bought a book page on There's an eBook in the Room and Kelly offered me a complimentary feature book ad. I'm very grateful for her generosity and hope you have time to check out her site and busy Facebook group that started it all..