Home Truths - Louise Forster

Home Truths is filled with secrets and a touch of suspense, but at heart it's a small town Australian romance -- and that rocks!


Louise Forster portrait of a country town and its characters is delightful. I was charmed by the earthy reality, and enjoyed the hero.


Calum is amazing, not because he's Mr Superman, but because he's competent, caring and a real Aussie bloke. He's someone a woman can rely on.


Jennifer works this out -- once she gets over being distracted by how sexy he is. And boy, is he! 


The interaction between Jennifer, her sister and niece sparkles. 


There are twists and turns, some hot scenes and ... recently I read a review where someone described the book as a chicken noodle soup comfort read. "Home Truths" is a lamington cake with a pinch of chili (hot!) in the strawberry jam. Yum!


*Disclosure: Louise is a fabulous Facebook friend and a fellow Escape Publishing author.