A Dangerous Madness - Michelle Diener

Every history re-telling should be this good.


I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know that England's Prime Minister had been assassinated. No, not recently. Back in the Regency era. Spencer Perceval, shot dead in the House of Commons.


Michelle Diener takes the tantalising facts of the assassination and weaves a thoughtful, compelling suspense tale. One which had me nodding and thinking, it could well be, at the end.


There is also a delightfully understated romance. Phoebe is such a believable heroine as she struggles with the constraints of the social world, the expectations on her and being herself.


In fact, it's the way Wittaker and Phoebe see and respond to each others' real selves that makes their romance so lovely.


Even the supporting characters, peripherals who walk on and off, are well drawn and (this is rare) the key ones reveal just enough to show that the Regency world was filled with very different people having very different experiences - and each view point is valid.


Great book -- and full disclosure -- I'd say that even if Michelle weren't a friend.