I wish I could freeze time, step outside it for a little while, and get things done! Of course, when I stepped back into time, I'd be even more tired, but I could live with that. That's what coffee's for! :)


Did you watch the #RT14 stream on Twitter over the weekend? (Romantic Times convention in New Orleans). I have to admit, the bits I really wanted to read, the virtual eavesdropping on the presentations, seemed to happen while I was sleeping. Dratted timezone challenges. Did you stumble across anyone who attended and did useful write ups on their blog? I'd love some links.


I did manage to create a new banner for my website. It is the opposite of fancy, but with more people viewing via smartphones, etc, I'm thinking that simple probably works best.


Hmm. Tried to share pic and ended up with huge, silly image. If you're curious, my website is http://authorjennyschwartz.com/ It's not an exciting banner, though, so don't bother!


I hope you have a lovely week. For myself, I'm hoping it's a week filled with many words - I am so behind on my current MS, "Catching Xanadu". Aaargh...coffee :)