Someone just asked, about a non-writing project I'm working on, "was it this crazy last year?" And the answer was "NO" -- and not just from me. It seems there is something in the air in 2014. People are stressed and personally, my brain is flying off in a hundred different directions at once.


This was not how I thought I'd spend nearly half the year. The calendar is frightening me how fast it's moving.


While a little bit of me envies the people going to the Romantic Times convention in New Orleans (less than a week away), mostly I'm simply glad I don't have to try and fit it into my life -- isn't that a classic introvert response? :)  When life gets busy, socialising goes out the window!


So I'll be watching for #RT14 conversations and tips on Twitter, but that's it. Are any of you going to RT? Will you be tweeting or blogging it?