The Will - Kristen Ashley

The review first, and then, some thoughts. If you're a Kristen Ashley fan, you'll love Jake and Josie, and the whole story. It felt like a slightly more family version of Motorcycle Man. It was warm and fun, sexy and enjoyable. If you've not tried KA's books before, I started with "Rock Chick" and never regretted that as my entry to her world. "The Will" might work for you, but "Rock Chick" has a much sharper pace.


Now for some thoughts.


A significant number of times, Kristen Ashley introduces concepts into her books that I don't like, yet she wraps them in a sparkly ribbon and I go along with them, suspending both disbelief and disapproval because of some unidentifiable magic. I won't share any spoilers, but there were a couple of concepts in The Will that hit my buttons in a bad way, and yet I read on.


So what's her magic?


I suspect it's that KA's books are fantasies, and like fairytales, different rules apply. In fact, it may be that breaking the rules are part of the books' charm. The heroine is a "good girl" who breaks good girl rules and is rewarded by the love of an incredible man. But crucially, the heroine only breaks some rules. She remains a good friend, a pretty woman who cares about her appearance, she is a nurturer and she stays in the role of "rescuee". The hero always rides to her rescue. I think that may be the magic: that the "good girl" can become a "beloved princess".


Whatever the magic, I'm glad it's still working with "The Will".