Floored - Ainslie Paton

I'm a big fan of Ainslie Paton's books. White Balance is one of my favourites - complicated, emotional and real. Floored is more action, with a tighter focus on the romance. Plus Floored has Sean.


Ah, Sean. Bad guy, good guy - the opening had me guessing, but I loved him!


I won't spoil the twists and turns of the plot for you, but this is one hell of a road trip.


Floored is such a clever title. I'm not sure if it has the same slang meaning outside Australia. Here it is both knocked to the floor by a wicked punch and foot to the pedal acceleration. Both apply! As does the synonym, Flawed. 


Fabulous story that made me think of Kristen Ashley's books with their wild heroes and difficult choices.


*Disclaimer: Ainslie Paton is a fellow Escape Publishing author. She's also friendly, funny and smart. My review is not biased by knowing all this. :)