Dangerous Angel (The Earth Angels) - Stacy Gail

I've read all the Earth Angel series. It's a not too dark paranormal romance series where the descendants of nephilim (very distant descendants of angels) are battling evil in America, today. They are VERY sexy :)


Yet, the romance stays grounded in the real world. Nikita is human. Human with a real, heart-aching history that explains her actions and wraps beautifully into the plot (--and that's as close as I get to a spoiler!).


Kyle is electric! Pretty much literally. Also adorable in his comments, imperfection and honest love.


A sexy, emotional adventure with a vividly imagined paranormal element.


*Disclaimer: Stacy Gail is my Antho Sister. We had stories together in "A Clockwork Christmas" and working on that, I discovered (as everyone does) that she's awesome. Fortunately her writing is just as good and makes reading and reviewing her books a joy.