Hide & Seek - Eliza Redgold

Hide and Seek is set in Broome, Australia, which is an old pearling town on the tropical west coast and part of the dramatically beautiful Kimberley region. You could not have a more romantic setting, and Eliza Redgold's knowledge and love for the region shines through. You can't fake that. Authenticity is compelling.


And the love story between Hope and Sullivan, an American hotel developer, has the same drama and honesty. Hope's emotional journey is genuine and makes the incredible setting far more than mere background. You'll be there with her.


There's a little pun hidden in the title: Hide and Seek. You'll understand when you read the opening and Hope and Sullivan's first encounter :)  Birds are a big part of the story -- I've never previously read or heard of an ex-girlfriend being described as a canary, but it worked!


Enjoy the fun -- and don't blame me if you end up booking a holiday in Broome!



*Disclaimer: Eliza is my friend, critique partner and fellow Escape Publishing author, which probably makes you think I'm biased. What I am is happy and proud. It's a wonderful feeling to read a friend's book and know it, and she, are destined for success. Smiling and kind of teary at the moment. So happy for Eliza.



He thought he knew all there was to know about the birds and the bees, but he’s about to get schooled.

A little birdie tells Hope Buchanan that American hotel developer Sullivan O’Dare isn’t just in town for a holiday. As the manager of Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary, Hope has more than a vested interest in protecting natural habitats.

Hope pulls out all the stops to convince Sullivan to come out with her to the WA bush, with its beautiful trees and unique wildlife. Surely the stunning scenery and a dose of ‘Broome time’ will show him what is at stake. But what is initially about saving the Sanctuary soon becomes about finding a connection. Could it be that Hope has finally found the bird of a feather to form her own flock?