Hide & Seek - Eliza Redgold

"Hide and Seek" is set in Broome! If you haven't heard of this gorgeous tropical town in Western Australia with its history of pearling and its camel rides on the beach (see, now you remember! those photos are famous), then check out this link for starters.


The title is a play on the fact that there's bird watching in the story, Hide and Seek. 


Eliza Redgold is my crit partner. We only started tearing each other's stories apart after she'd had "Hide and Seek" accepted for publication, so I haven't read it yet. I'm waiting till April and intend to enjoy a wonderful coastal escape. I love Eliza's style: easy to read, wonderfully true to the places she sets her stories and romantic.


If you're a reviewer, please consider reviewing Eliza's newest book. We plan to lure all the nicest people to visit gorgeous Western Australia :)


Review copies available via Netgalley