Now me, I lose my mind often. In, I'll resist the temptation to joke about it. The subject is serious.


Like anyone anywhere, let alone someone operating in the public sphere, authors need to respect people and themselves. Ranting at reviewers? Yuk. Consider your Great Aunt Cindy. For Christmas, she gives you orange handkerchiefs patterned with purple spots. You could shout at her for giving you handkerchiefs in this day and age (if you're a rude cow) or appreciate the thought that went into finding you quirky handkerchiefs that perfectly match your personality. That's what reviews are. They're a gift and a lot of thought has gone into them. You mightn't like the result (one star reviews are OUCH!), but at least be grown up enough to appreciate the effort.


Anyway, that's my rant :)


Here's my thoughts on beta readers -- another gift to authors. We really are lucky!