Yesterday I caught up with my crit partner after we listened to talks by local romance authors, all of whom had very different experiences of the writing world. To say that we had a lot of thoughts bubbling after that would be a huge understatement. We ate lunch and probably scared the other diners laughing and loudly proclaiming our insights. The thing was we really did understand some new stuff about publishing and about why we write.


Some of the why we write is personal. We work so hard on our craft because there are some stories we have to tell.


Some of the reason we write is because we're so fascinated by people and the crazy, hopeful world we live in. Telling stories is a way to explore, celebrate and make sense of that world.


As for the publishing industry and its current convulsions (oh no! digital books! the apocalypse! -- or alternatively, nirvana!), well we considered that, too. Short of standing on tables and shouting, "read our books", I'm not sure what we can do about the huge issue of discoverability among so many great books. And sadly, when you try standing on tables around here, the seagulls peck you -- I really wish I'd had a camera to snap the cheeky bird scoring a free lunch while we finished our coffees. And no, we weren't disobeying the "please don't feed the birds" signs.


I'm still thinking about the future of publishing, today. Also the jumble that is my use of social media. Also my revised writing schedule for the year.


...talking of which, I'd best stop thinking (so to speak) and start writing if I'm to hit my deadlines.