No, do not immediately look at my avatar! Like so many people, I'm uncomfortable having my photo taken -- and it shows. But authors must have photos. This presents an introverted author with a huge dilemma: how to pose.


The topic came up this morning when an author asked for opinions on how he should present: moody or cheerful?


Me, I think cheerful. After all, if he uses his photo as an avatar, he'll be looking at it a lot as he uses social media. No use convincing himself that he's a moody bastard (he's so not. Lovely guy).


What do you think? Should an author smile at the camera? or should it be the grim look of a passport photo? or should they try for moody or even sultry? Do you have any favourite author photos or remember ones that you thought worked? Does it have to be a headshot? Should the author look at the camera or gaze off in deep thought? Is she allowed to hide under a hat?


Photos -- the one topic guaranteed to make me panic :)