I've outlined two short stories -- can't decide which hero I love more!


Revised another short story in light of my crit partner's comments and now (she is such a fabulous person) I'll run through it one final time after her SECOND crit. I am very happy with this short story (just over 10,000 words). I quite like the working title, too: No Rescue.


Found some fabulous books in the local library (and yes, I'm being mysterious on purpose) and can't wait to read them. I have an idea for a full length (80,000 word) novel. The research stage is a lot of fun.


I also had a final piece of good news yesterday, but annoyingly I mustn't share it yet. Rats, rats.


Did you know Kristen Ashley has a book coming out in a few days, Deke's story, "Kaleidescope"? 


Life is good.


And that's January! I hope you had a great start to the year, too.