Hostage - Kay Hooper

It's been years since I read a Kay Hooper novel, so when I saw Hostage on the new books shelf, I picked it up. As always the pace was good. I enjoy the paranormal edge she gives her books and the concept of evil sends a shiver down my spine. Just the right touch of eerie for me without being too scary.


There were two romances happening in the book (this isn't a spoiler) and I would have liked a bit more time with both couples to buy into their developing relationships. Lots of interesting concepts and story ideas.


One thing I found challenging was the multiple points of view. Maybe I've just gotten into the habit of reading books (primarily romances) that stay with the hero and heroine. Here we get lots of other view points. It was nice meeting Bishop again (his and Miranda's book, Out of the Shadows is one of my favourites by Hooper), but ...  Goes back to my point that I wanted more time with the central characters.


I thought it was an entertaining paranormal thriller, light on the romance but enjoyable.