One of the few blogs that I read all the time is that of Maria Zannini. Our paths crossed back in the day when we were among Carina Press's launch authors. She writes amusingly of life on a homestead, plus shares her experience of writing and running a graphic design business. This year she's focussing on the graphic design business and just asked what she could put up as a giveaway that would attract authors' attention. Would authors want a banner, a blog icon, an avatar? As a reader, which graphics do you think us authors most often get wrong? Where could we really use a graphic designer's skills?


Maria's post is here if you have any suggestions for her -- or just want to follow a lovely blog.


Edited to add:


Maria and I just had an email conversation about my suggestion she offer "coming soon" cover-spot-fillers and look what she created. Squee!


Coming soon graphic