I realised that authors are weird (although not a new realisation, I tend to forget my own weirdness) as I was watching the credits roll for Sherlock on Sunday night -- ah, Sherlock *sigh*


Maybe not all authors do this, but I'm betting they do...


We hunt for names!


Naming characters is tough. Get the right name, and the character comes to life. Get the wrong name and the character fights like you've collared a feral cat and tried to walk him to the vet's.


So now I watch credits and let names filter into my scrambled brain. The result is thoughts like this one on Sunday:


"Murphy. Good name. Why aren't more characters named Murphy? Did Murphy Brown strangle-claim the name? Murphy. Must remember."


Do you have any names you love or loathe? In particular, do you think some first names are over-used? Which ones?


Yes, I'm looking at you, Jack and Jake :)