Dream Eyes - Jayne Ann Krentz

I'm a big Jayne Ann Krentz fan. 


[Going off-topic a tick. I was chatting with another author a while back and we were both enthusing at Jayne Ann Krentz's style and Dick Francis's books and, most recently, Ilona Andrews' "Clean Sweep". Thinking about it, the common denominator is all of them are gifted storytellers.]


Whether JAK writes as herself, as Jayne Castle or Amanda Quick, or her earlier books as Stephanie James, her romances are comfort reads for me. "Dream Eyes" continues this winning pattern.


Some of the charm is that her heroines are strong women who generally enjoy their strength. They're passionate about things. The heroes are passionate about them - and respect their strength.


"Dream Eyes" has a paranormal element. Some like that, others don't. I thought it was used well and added drama. Wind chimes (and that's as close to a spoiler as I'm getting!)


The Coppersmith family delights me, and there's a theme of family (and family being what you make it) that I enjoyed.


As a fan of JAK, "Dream Eyes" was a great read.