The Grendel Affair - Lisa Shearin

I know it's not fair to give a book four rather than five stars because as a reader I had such high expectations, but I haven't had my second morning coffee yet. Cue Ms Grump.


Lisa Shearin has a great style that I thoroughly enjoyed in her fantasy series with the heroine, Raine Benares. So when I heard of a new series, an urban fantasy one, I pre-ordered The Grendel Affair.


Unfortunately, the story is set in New York and Seanan McGuire has kind of created and cornered the market in a fictional, cryptid-infested New York in my mind. I kept wanting to meet her characters! (Discount Armageddon, if you're interested).


But once I made space for a different paranormal New York, The Grendel Affair has a nice line in monsters, a heroine with a lot of promise and a tough protective hero.


Oh, and for anyone who has ever thought their boss a dragon...