I'm re-reading the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews at the moment. I enjoy the style. Even if it is a bit violent at times, there's also humour and compassion. The books are strongly from Kate's perspective. First person, in fact. I like the closeness to her thoughts and feelings. It makes the violence understandable rather than gratuitous.


But being an author, it made me wonder if I should try first person POV. Mostly I write in a close third person POV, and switch between the heroine and hero's perspectives. I find that close third person POV easy to read. I particularly like that it doesn't jar when the author changes whose head they're inhabiting for a scene.


Do you think, though, that even a close third person POV loses some of the intimacy with a character that first person POV allows? If it does, is it worth the trade-off? 


What POV do you prefer?