Mischief - Amanda Quick

Is anyone else having one of those mornings -- or evenings? The ones where you know you're over-ambitious in what you hope to cram in, so you just run faster.


Not quite 9am here and I have:


-checked email and all social media, and responded semi-intelligently

-hung out one load of washing, and about to hang second one

-walked dog

-watered herb garden

-visited bakery (yum! mince pies and fresh bread)

-got petrol (gas, if you're American -- was almost given $10 too much in change by a cashier about as disorganised as me, but I pointed out the error. Halo now shiny)

-started house cleaning (by which I mean, showed room the duster: "Room, Duster. Duster, Room" then put duster away)

-reminded myself again that Christmas is nearly here (did NOT panic)

-chose "Mischief" by Amanda Quick as my comfort read for the day

-waiting for second mug of coffee to kick in 


Happy Nearly Christmas to everyone!