White Balance - Ainslie Paton

I read this book over the weekend and finished it Monday. Ainslie's a writer friend: published with the same publishing house and a lovely person I chatted with at the Romance Writers of Australia conference this year. Plus she's hilarious if you catch her on Twitter or blogging about her mum. I'm doing that whole disclosure thing upfront because I'm finding this a strange review to write -- kind of like the book.


White Balance is a romance. Definitely. But it's not the classic formula. It takes it's time, detours to include different characters. Makes the story a whole of life experience, and believable, and the result is strangely (as in I can't identify why) compelling. Start reading and you're hooked. People make mistakes, forgive (or not), change, fail, try again. It's good.


Jane of Dear Author included it on her top books of 2013 list - and I agree.