Starting from Scratch - Stacy Gail

I enjoy returning hero stories. My favourite ever is an old one from Anne Hepple called "The Mettlesome Piece". But Stacy Gail takes up the challenge in "Starting from Scratch" and creates a new and memorable story -- how do you cope when your husband can't remember you? Worse that that, when he's demanded, and you've given him, a divorce, but now he's back in town for Christmas?


Lucy's heartbreak is real. Sully's struggle is painful. The ending surprised and delighted me.


Lots of emotion in this story and a lot of respect for military families.


Stacy's a friend and I've read a number of her books, enjoying them all. "Starting from Scratch", though, is a special read. It is a book inspired by a real tragedy and by the love and strength of all involved. You can read Stacy's account of it here.