It's Love, Dude - Jenny Schwartz

Yesterday I wrote the first thousand words of my new book; working title, "Home to Stay."


In "It's Love, Dude" I created a fictional town on Australia's south west coast called Jardin Bay. I loved that town so much (and it's opinionated characters) that I wrote "Hero Duty" (out June 2014) and "Kiss It Better" (sub'd to editor) with ties to the town just so that I could visit it again. Then the other day I got thinking about another story with a heroine returning to Jardin Bay and the farmer who never left it.


As soon as I imagined Joel Thornton (the farmer) I knew I HAD to write the story of Sami's homecoming. The plot for the first half of the book unrolled in my mind and I knew that the ending would be a family Christmas.


And then realities of publishing schedules hit. If I want "Home to Stay" to have even a chance of making it into the world for next Christmas, then I have to write it this Christmas.


So I've pushed all other projects off the desk and crashing to the floor. It's great fun starting a new book, but I have to focus, focus, focus if I'm to have a solid first draft by the end of January.


Christmas festivities? Only if they're fictional and in the manuscript :) 


PS I hope you haven't forgotten the ongoing Coastal Romance Christmas Blog Hop? Lots of chances to win the $100 Amazon giftcard and a scattering of other cool prizes.