Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews

I confess I'm an Ilona Andrews fan-girl. The husband and wife team are fantastic world builders. I find their writing style clear and touched with humour. Plus they write believable tough women. Dina, heroine of Clean Sweep, is no exception.


I follow Ilona's blog in my newsfeed. The humour and compassion of their writing really shines there. So I knew they wrote and released free a serialised novel this year, but I didn't go read the instalments. Like so many others (judging by how the ebook has raced up the sales rankings) I waited for the whole self-published book - and then happily paid for it.


Clean Sweep was worth the wait. 


I'm not going to try and sum up the plot (I'm writing this before 7am on a Saturday morning and I'm tired), but just say that it's fantasy adventure spiced with science fiction and it sets up a great premise for a series of novels. The clash of "real" world and "innkeeper" world is fun.


Making my coffee this morning (coffee, nectar of the gods) I thought about Clean Sweep and how easily my imagination shifted into its world. This is really accessible fantasy - a nice read to start with if you've not tried Ilona Andrews' work before.