Dancing On Air - Nicole Hurley-Moore

What really caught me about "Dancing on Air" was the way different characters' perspectives were used to build the drama. I've become used to romances limited to the heroine and maybe the hero's perspective. "Dancing on Air" gave you other people's agenda and justifications for their actions. Worked brilliantly. Wouldn't have worked if the author wasn't deft at juggling her cast.


The romance of love crashing through class barriers is nicely drawn, both characters having to be courageous.


Victorian London came alive in the story, from the lowest saddest streets, to the fleeting glamour of the theatre and on into the giddy heights of society. Beautifully described and believable.


A classic historical romance with well-handled melodrama, suited to the theatre setting.



*Full disclosure: Nicole is a friend, a fellow member of the Romance Writers of Australia and published with Escape Publishing, like me.