Black Diamonds (Escape Contemporary Romance) - Eliza Redgold

My crit partner wrote the wonderful contemporary romance "Black Diamonds" which is about truffle farming in my corner of Australia and includes a very sexy Frenchman. Now I get to read -- of course, I mean critique and add value ;) -- her historical romance. Hopefully the 2,000 words I need to write today will flow quickly, then I can leap into the world of the Pre-Raphaelites. Can't wait!


If you're a fan of historical romance, you don't have to wait for Elizabeth's book -- I'll remind you when it comes out! Michelle Diener is another Australian author who writes incredible historical romances. Beautiful style, attention to detail, originality and joy. Most recently she published Banquet of Lies which I read as an ARC (squee! I made her sign it. I was so annoying!). Michelle is a friend, so you may think I'm biased, but I truly think she's a modern Georgette Heyer.