Not even vaguely reading or book-related.


I spent yesterday on a sanity break from the computer, but that only meant I went out and looked around and realised the world was even weirder than my imagination!


So many strange clothes being sold (or at least, hanging in shops). I braved the mall and went window shopping.


They're not kidding when they call skinny leg jeans skinny. I have thighs, people! Also that bulgy thing called a calf. Actually, I have two of those - neither of which fit in skinny jeans.


Then there are the prints. Yes, I get that colour is in this season. I like colour. But apple sick green flowers on a navy background?


"Blue and green should ne'er be seen without a colour in between."


Although I seldom listen to fashion advice (and in fact wear blue and green without a colour in between) I did want to hit the fashion designer over the head with this old saying. Or really, just hit the fashion designer with the shirt till they said sorry.


Not that the shirt would have supported that sort of abuse.


Maybe it's me getting older and more critical, but most of the clothes looked like wear-once-wash-and-fall-apart. 


Apparently "quality" is a word lying cut on the warehouse floor.


Okay, so I'm aiming to write 3,000 words on my novel, "Kiss It Better", today, so I'd best not waste any more time ranting.


But honestly, when did shopping become a horror?