When I look at my Google+ stream, even after significant effort to organise and streamline my interests and the people I follow, I can only conclude that my brain is chaotic. Please, tell me G+ doesn't reflect me.


Has anyone found a way to use G+ that fits into your life and doesn't leave you overwhelmed? 


As annoyed as I am with the way Facebook hides posts from me (from pages I've liked), I'm also kind of ashamedly grateful to have some of the chaos hidden from me. I have an illusion of control.


I have to admit, on Goodreads the discussions and everyone's updates totally lost me and I retreated into simply updating my books and reviews.


Is anyone else whitewater rafting in the storm of social media and dreading (like me) the day when you're going to hit rocks, tip over and basically decide to walk the rest of the journey -- yup, I'm eyeing my stash of stationery and thinking: pen and paper, pretty stamps and write people notes!


(Some of my favourite stationery is from the artist, Jeremy Boot http://jeremyboot.com.au/shop/index.php?main_page=index&zenid=db029fbdc8c8f4f82e47dea57105ff06 But stationery is a whole post on its own!)


((I'm interviewed in this month's Australian Romance Readers Association newsletter - it only goes out to members, but I had to share that info with you anyway. It was a fun interview and they included a great review of my new release, "It's Love, Dude"))