The Goodbye Ride - Lily Malone

I know you don't start a review with a personal anecdote. This should be about the book, not the reviewer. But let's get one thing clear: I've ridden pillion on a motorbike once in my life and never again. So The Goodbye Ride had to convince me that caring about buying a motorbike was important -- and boy did it!


The Goodbye Ride has fantastic tension. Lots of foreshadowing. A relaxed Aussie vibe that only emphasises how difficult Liv's life is. All the characters feel real. All the issues in the book are ones that touch most of our lives, even if only indirectly. The book is honest.


Lily is a fellow Romance Writers of Australia member and we chat happily on Twitter, so there's really no excuse for my envy - I wish I'd written this book!