Just the other day I was talking about how much I enjoy reviewing -- sharing great books -- and that I'd hate to be nudged to stop because I now also write romances. My main point was the generosity, friendliness and support of the reading (and writing) community. And this morning I received a comment on my blog that absolutely proved my point.


Maria Zannini is a gifted blogger, homesteader, graphic designer, and incredibly warm and wise woman who I met when we both were involved as authors in the launch of Carina Press. Since then we've chatted on each other's blogs. Today I opened my blog and read her response to my post on how happy I was with my newly released book, It's Love, Dude, and people's response to it.


I'm going to quote Maria in full:


That was a wonderful mention--and well deserved too! I'm so proud of you, Jenny. You've blossomed in the time I've known you. :)


We all have ups and downs in life, and seeing that comment from someone I respect so much and who has shared the struggles of a new author made me sniff back tears. 


Friendship is a treasure.