I'm a member of the Dark Side DownUnder group and I'm putting together a post for Thursday on "Authors on Reviews". This is a last minute project and I'm interested how many of us respond and with what sort of comment to my very general request to "say something" on the topic. We're all Australian speculative romance writers.


Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has an interesting and reassuring post on negative reviews. Thinking about it, I realised I too have a lot of trouble "breaking up with" an author once they're on my auto-buy list.


A lot of people question whether authors should also review. For me, since writing comes from my love of reading, I'd hate to be stopped from sharing my response to books I've enjoyed. Sharing reviews builds a sense of community.


I love being part of the reading-reviewing-writing community -- and sometimes that means volunteering for last minute blog-post writing duties :)