The Treasure Hunter's Lady (Legends & Lovers, #1) - Allison Merritt
Ok, so I have to get a fangirl squeal out of the way first. Oooooh Abel! The hero of "The Treasure Hunter's Lady" sure is hot.

This is a story brimming with danger, a deadline to doom and a feisty heroine. And sky pirate! don't forget the sky pirate.

The start of the book tantalised and drew out the tension of discovering the specifics of the danger and the personalities (and reasons for their behaviour) of the two main characters. There was also a twist at the end that I really, really liked ... no spoilers. You'll have to read and find it yourself. It's not a primary plot point, but a nice twist on the legend Allison Merritt creates.

I'd sum it up as a mythical, romantic steampunk adventure. Great fun!