The Brande Legacy (The Brande Legacy #1) - Alicia Hope
I really enjoy Alicia Hope's contemporary romances with their strong Australian setting, so when she offered me a copy of her newest book, The Brande Legacy, I couldn't believe my luck.

However, The Brande Legacy is a bit different. For a start, it's set in New Zealand! (Aussie snobbery, and I'm totally kidding!) No, the book is different because it has a ghostly element and to be honest, I tend not to read stories with ghosts in.

However, the ghost in the neo-gothic castle in New Zealand (and I really did like the castle) works because this is a gothic romance.

I've heard rumours that gothic romance is coming back and will be the big new thing.

The Brande Legacy reminded me of Phyllis Whitney's books and I used to devour them. The heroine is a believable, modern woman, someone the reader likes, and the hero is yummy but keeps you guessing.

In fact, my only complaint is that this is the first in a series and so doesn't wrap up quite all the threads but leaves you demanding the next book!