Sealed With A Kiss - Eleni Konstantine
"Sealed With A Kiss" is a short story. I'm saying that upfront because some people feel cheated if they settle in for a long visit to a character's world, and the visit is (from their perspective) cut short. Now me, I love short stories. There are lots of worlds to visit, and short stories tantalise by dashing in, hitting the high points and wrapping up in a stolen reading hour.

In "Sealed With A Kiss" the heroine, Lise, is immediately likeable. I definitely know the feeling of being out clubbing (okay, so it was a while ago!) and wishing I was home reading instead :)

The story had some unexpected twists, a nice use of traditional knowledge (or superstition, depending on whether you believe in vampires or not) and a happy ever after that made me smile.


*I won a copy of "Sealed With A Kiss" and its talented author, Eleni Konstantine, is a friend from Romance Writers of Australia.