The House on Burra Burra Lane - Jennie  Jones
This was such a wonderful, warm-hearted book. Jennie Jones captures the country of the Snowy Mountains beautifully. Dreams have been fought for there, lost and recovered. Ethan is a strong hero whose vulnerability is believable. We've all settled for self-imposed limits and thought we were being wise. Sammy, the heroine, is instantly likeable. She has courage, even if she doesn't think so, and her enthusiasm and energy sparkle through the story.

All of that said, it's the ending of the story that really sold me -- and which I can't share with you because of spoilers. A believable, enveloping, yet real ending. Loved it.

*I'm another Escape Publishing author, I've met Jennie (who is a sweetie) and we're both members of the Romance Writers of Australia. So that's full disclosure. And I really did enjoy "The House on Burra Burra Lane".