The Oxford Book of Short Poems - P. J. Kavanagh

Over the weekend I was curled up in my reading chair, not reading for once, and it occurred to me what an eclectic mix of books I keep on the shelves near it. Does everyone have that stash of books to dip into in different moods? Ignoring the bookcase double stacked with paperback fiction, these couple of eclectic shelves contain books that are soothing, inspiring, intriguing or just plain clever.


I thought I'd start by sharing the poetry book that I think even non-poetry lovers would enjoy, The Oxford Book of Short Poems. 


It contains poems from several centuries, including gems like "Thistles" by Ted Hughes. Reading "Thistles" demonstrates the best part of the anthology: the poems are short; you're hit with a key idea, brilliant word play, visual imagery (generally, although this could just be how I read poetry) and a luxurious sense of enjoying a complete experience in the few words.


I enjoy poetry anthologies and have a few on my Eclectic Comfort shelves. Do you have any you recommend I add?