The dreaded synopsis: A writing & plotting guide - Elizabeth Sinclair
A great comfort book if you're writing your synopsis. But also, a book to make you see your synopsis a little bit more clearly.

Random jottings rather than a review:

Your synopsis is hat everything at the publishing house (and really you, in your promo prep) will refer back to.

Make sure your protagonists' agendas are clearly spelled out - mission, incentive, obstacle (or goal, motivation conflict)

Write in the same style as novel and TELL don't show. Yeah, really. It's not like writing a story.

These are just a few of the gems in The Dreaded Synopsis. I enjoyed the book and expect to re-read it. I bought a kindle version and the formatting wasn't the best. Still, the important point is that the synopsis wisdom is effectively communicated. Good book and I'm happy to recommend it.

Thanks to Sandy James for rec'ing it to me on Twitter :)