Me, Antman & Fleabag - Gayle Kennedy
This is such an easy review to write. I loved the collection of short stories that is Me, Antman and Fleabag. Gayle Kennedy captures the language and story telling style of the people she writes about. The stories are wry, joyous, heartfelt, sometimes painfully real. The characters wandered off the page, pulled out a chair and sat down at my kitchen table. They asked for a cuppa, milk with two sugars, ta love, and stirred vigorously.

I defy anyone to read the first story, “How ta drink in the park”, and not immediately turn the page for more.

This collection has such a strong voice, the humour and courage of Indigenous Australians’ experience. Like the best stories anywhere, the powerful identity of the characters doesn’t exclude, but rather welcomes us into their world.